Knowing Me!

photo-1453761816053-ed5ba727b5b7Hiya Glamys!

First things first, welcome and thank you for stopping by my page.

A little about me, when you have already landed here…

A passionate mummy, self-learner – fashionista, make-up freak, shopholic and above all a Hijabi!

I style and at times design my own wardrobe. I love to try on different colors, follow and adapt different moderate styles. My way of styling is simple, yet elegant. For me wearing an outfit should make me feel comfortable. I do not want to follow a fashion or style which does not suit my personality. Being a hijabi, my first priority is modesty in my clothes. I want to encourage women and tell them being a covered girl, doesnot mean you are not allowed to follow fashion and be stylish. I am very particular in picking up my outfit and my stuff.

I am fond of make-up from my teenage. I understand make-up is not used to hide any flaws but to enhance the beauty more. I like to use different brands and products. Most of the products are from drug stores. In my eyes everyone is beautiful and deserves to be beautiful. There are no rules and limits in applying makeup, so feel comfortable and play with it.

If I like something, I speak out and compliment. Isn’t that the right way?

Passion for fashion and make-up has ended me to start my blog. I love when people get inspired and learn from me.

Follow my blogs to get inspired and learn more about the beauty, fashion, make-up world and much more!


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)