Welcoming Ramadan!

We are not very far away when we approach the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is known to be the Sultan of all the months and is the 9th month in the Islamic Calendar. Fast is one of the five pillars of Islam in which every able-bodied Muslim observe fast for the entire month from the daylight until the sunset. It is also the month when Quran was revealed to the Prophet (P.B.U.H). Ramadan is an Arabic word and fasting in Arabic is “Sawm” which means “to come at rest” meaning abstain self from not only eating and drinking from dawn until dusk but also being good and at your best in your character and behaviour. Fasting is for soul and body both.

The perception of fasting by non-muslims is completely negative as they think we torture our self by being hungry and thirsty all day, whereas it is a gesture of equality, brotherhood and unity by Muslims.  Whole Muslim society takes up the act in the same time, same manner and for same motives. It is a spiritual act where the body and soul both are healed.

Fasting teaches us self-control and tolerance; it makes us more disciplined and self-restraint. Many acts which are permissible and halal otherwise are forbidden during fast. During the month of Ramadan we are less occupied with the worldly things our mind and body both come to an ease.  We tend to be less worried about our work and more about our prayers. It’s the time when we get closer to Almighty. It is also said during the month of Ramadan the gates of Hell are closed compeltely for the entire month and Doors of Jannah are kept open throughout and the deeds are rewarded double the times.


It is the month of giving, during this month most of the charitable acts are done. It is recommended to visit the poor, the sick, give charity, and feel the pain of less fortunate. It teaches us to be polite and humble. It also refrain us from evil acts. It is the time when we purify our wealth by paying out Zakat and as well as our soul and body by our obligatory as well as voluntary prayers.

Fasting teaches us time management as it changes our entire routine of daily life. The working hours are shorter during Ramadan in the gulf region and most of the Muslim countries around the world and more focus are given on the ibadah. We tend to adapt the change so easily and move around this change for the entire month.  All this is done in for the love of The Almighty. We scarify all our desire and rule them for the sake of the Lord and intend to satisfy Him.

Not only religiously also scientifically fasting is also proven to be beneficial for human body. It benefits our mental and physical well-being. One of the medial benefits is the most wanted rest to our digestive system. It helps to get rid of the dietary toxins accumulated in the body as natural by-products of food during the year.  The length of the Islamic fast is 12 to 14 hours a day which helps the stomach to relax and even after the breaking of fast it is recommended to eat light and healthy.


The last 10 days of Ramadan are considered to be the most blessed where the Muslims have voluntary prayers during the midnight. During Ramadan only for the entire month we offer Tarawhi prayers after Isha prayer. The indulgence of every Muslim is very deep in their prayers and the mosques are full throughout. During this month the tolerance level increases. Opening of fast is also organised for people in mosques by the people living in the community.

WR_Ramadan Feast

Apart from all this there are iftar gatherings with the families and friends. Special Ramadan Tents are arranged for suhoor and iftar throughout the month. Many restaurants and hotels have iftar and suhoor buffet with special rates.

Let’s hope we get to see the blessed month this year and purify ourselves once again.

That’s a wrap, until next…….


Fatma Ahmad

P.s: All the pictures are taken from Internet.


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