The Green Planet – City Walk

Haiya Glamys,

Dubai has always amazed its people with great tourist destination which are real wonders. 2 weeks back me along with my love-bug and sisters visited “The Green Planet”.  It’s a bio-dome which recreates the natural environment of rainforest where the visitors explore the variety of plants and animals. There are almost 3000 plus plants and animals in the covered ecosystem. It is one of its kinds of manmade tropical forest. It opened doors for public last year (2016) September.

Located in the City Walk – Jumeirah, The Green Planet is the white colour 4 floors glass building. The ticket counters are located outside the building. As soon as you enter the building you come across a pair of beautiful species of parrots, Yellow, Red and Green coloured.

After check-in you are escorted towards the lifts to go to the 4th floor, from where the journey starts. Before reaching the lifts there is a tall aquarium with 15 species of fishes, ponds with lily pads, turtles and dragon flies. One of the attractions of the aquarium is the Catfish. Here the photographer waits to capture your pictures and sell them at the end.


The Canopy (4th Floor) is the roof of the forest; the most enlightened area where the sun beams from the glass walls with a beautiful waterfall. It has the biggest manmade tree which is 30-45 meters above the ground. Here you can see variety of forest free roaming birds, beautiful parrots, butterflies and honeybees.

It has spiral walkaway to go from one level to the other. To give it a typical view of the forest, a bridge is connected from the tree towards the walkaway. The entire rainforest is designed in a form where the plants and reptiles and animals camouflage.

Next comes the Understory (3rd floor) where the plants have slightly big leaves that covers the area and stop the sunlight to pass through. This level consists of mostly the glass boxes which consist of different types of mammals and insects with birds flying around. As you reach the start of the level there sits a huge Blue Talking Parrot. One every level guides are holding different types of small snakes where you can touch them. The guides are dressed in their uniforms (Khaki Green shirt and beige trousers) which reminds me of the safari outfits which compliments the entire environment.

The Forest Floor (2nd Floor), from its name you can make out the atmosphere it is dark, with very little to no sunshine reaching to this floor, quiet and humid. Here you will find variety of reptiles. The most fascinating and interesting thing at this level was the ant house, where the entire process how ants get the food, keep their house clean was shown.

The Flooded Rainforest (1st Floor) is the last level where you experience the river animals. Here you have the roots of the giant tree. Some colourful frogs which are the most poison bread of the frogs. As well as the monkey looks alike creature.

Lastly when you take the escalator to go down to end your journey you end up entering to the souvenir shop where you find variety of products from soft toys to keychains, frames, shirts  etc. all with snakes, turtles etc. As you come out the souvenir shop there is a stair case which leads you on the ground floor to a small café and toilets, prayer room as well. A separate café is also outside the building with a very pleasant outside sitting area as well as inside.

A wonderful experience overall, you spend quality time with the kids where they get some knowledgeable information. Good place for great captures…

Tickets are priced for adults at AED. 95/- and for kids 3+ and above AED. 70/-. Whereas I feel the ticket are too pricy.


That’s a wrap! Thank you for reading…

Until next….

Fatma Ahmad

(Umm- Ahyan)








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