Maybelline Brow Satin

Haiya Glamys,

Ever since I have been into the brow game I am trying out different brow products from powders to pencils and gel dips. I always tend to have different opinion every time I use them. Last year when I attended the Maybelline Master Class with Manal El Hage, she used the Maybelline Brow Satin and has raved about the product. As I do not pluck or groom my eyebrows I asked her tips and tricks how to give them fine finish look. Where she called me up and showed me how I can create clear and well-groomed look with the Brow Satin, which looked quite impressive.


As I still had few brow products in stock and wanted to finish them before I go and buy the Maybelline Brow Satin. I waited until my stocks ended and finally got my hands on the brow satin a month and half ago.

The Product:

It is a double sided duo brow twist pencil. One end is the wax pencil while the other end has the sponge applicator with filling powder in the cap. The tip of the pencil is slightly thicker and harder whereas the application is smooth enough. You can actually feel the strokes when using, as you have to push it in to the skin to get the product on the brows. Whereas the powder is very fine textured which is used to fill in the gaps and there is no fall out at all. As the powder rests in the cap hence the product comes effortlessly on the sponge every time you remove the cap.


What does the product promise?

Achieve smooth and full brows with this two-in-one eyebrow pencil. Use the pencil to shape and filling powder to fill.

How does it work?

Using the pencil to line and shape the brows and filling them with the powder. I use a spooly first to brush my brow hair upwards and then line them with the pencil by giving short and light strokes to give a defined look starting from the middle of the brow coming downward to the tail and then moving on the the inner corner. Next using the spooly brushing the hair downwards and filling them with the powder. This way you tend to see the gaps and space left between the brow hair ot fill them rightly. Both the pencil wax and powder has good texture which appears easily on the brow line and are easily blend able.


In the Middle East the Brow Satin comes in 3 colors Dark Blonde, Dark Brown and Medium Brown. I have actually used the Dark Brown at first. But for my next purchase I bought the Medium Brown shade as I felt dark brown gave a very sharp look to my brows whereas medium brown is the perfect shade as it is not very intense and gives a very natural look.



  • Pocket friendly
  • Smooth application and good textured
  • Make brows look full and defined


  • The colour range is limited
  • As it is dual ended so there is no spooly/brush which I think is handy when you are having a brow product
  • As it is wax twist pencil hence it finishes very fast 0.2mm(mine ended with in a month as I use it daily)


Retails at AED.40/-



Final Thought:

Get an effortless defined brow with the Maybelline brow satin, I have already repurchased it and will be buying it again.

Have you used the product? Do share your thoughts with me.

That’s a wrap ….  Thank you for reading!

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Until next….


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)


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