The White Room Spa

Hiya Glamys, 

Last Friday was freaking busy, I had a very tight schedule from bloggers event to back to back  birthday parties to attend along with the daily errands to run for. Besides this very less sleep last night and waking up early morning. Going to bed was also late and the next day at 10am I was booked for mani-pedi and body wax at White Room Spa Dubai Marina.

While in my bed on Saturday morning I remembered having my appointment at the spa, at first I planned to skip and schedule it for next day as I was not at all in the mood to drive from Deira to Dubai Marina that too in the morning. But then after putting an effort I pulled myself out of bed, freshen up, had my breakfast with my love-bug, got ready and started off for the journey to experience my saloon services. The weather was really amazing and the songs played on my favourite Virgin Radio were all my back to back favourites, so the mood was completely ON!
It did not take me much time to reach the destination, being a weekend so I was on time. Easily got parking in the basement of the mall, taking the lift to Ground floor easily accessible I reached the White Room spa.

As soon as I reached I was welcomed by the receptionist where i informed her about my appointment. I was directed first to the wax room where Sumnima greeted me and inquired what all I wanted. The wax room was clean and tidy and well equipped. She offered me to change with waxing towel and started her job. I must say she had the softest hands and really knew her job well. Very professionally she started off waxing first my legs and later went on to my hands. I did not at once felt the wax was hot or the temperature was changing, neither removing of hair was painful. Rather she kept on inquiring if everything was under control. She carried out the whole process very neatly as well. The wax used was a fruit wax, after finishing she had applied oil to the hands and legs.

Next I was directed to the mani-pedi room. I must say as soon as you step in The White Room Spa the entire place looks like you have entered in to the snow land with everything white from walls to furniture and equipment’s etc. with nice music playing in the background. As soon I settled I was offered lemon orange refreshing drink and asked to choose the nail polish I would like to apply. Ana and Tina were ready to do the mani-pedi. Ana started off with my hands and Tina took the feet. These ladies were amazing; they were professionals with the right tips and tricks.


Starting off with my feet, they were completely dead and really hard work had to be carried out to clean and make them look soft and normal. Tina made sure to give me the best pedicure experience of my life. She made sure the temperature of the water was at the point to dip my feet and relax them. Trimming of nails, neatly cleaning the cuticles as well as removing of dead skin was remarkable. One of my toe nail always needs extra care and effort and Tina had cleaned it so gently making sure none of the cuticle were left out. She kept on going back and forth in the cleaning process with the particular nail. From trimming to scrubbing, filing and application of nail paint was on the professional standards. Using very gentle and light hands giving a simple leg pull and massage to my feet had relived my stress and tiredness.

Similarly Ana made sure my manicure was none the less. She trimmed my nails exactly the size I asked her to, as well as the cuticle cleaning was not at all painful. She made sure she gives my hands a good massage as well. The application of nail polish was very neat without messing it.

My overall experience with The White Room Spa – Marina was amazing! Friendly and professional staff, good ambiance with really good services. The White Room Spa is located at JLT (Jumairah Lake Towers) ,Dubai Marina Plaza and Motor City with a branch recently opened at Ibn Battuta Mall metro link. The services they provide are Nail Services, Hair Styling, Facial Treatment, Body Bliss and Grooming. It’s a must visit and experience the services, I will definitely be returning to them trying their massage.

Lastly I would like to thank Natasha and TishTash for this lovely experience.

That’s a wrap….  Thank you for reading!

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Until next….


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)




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