Be-You-Tiful, Being Different…..

Haiya Glamys,

Here I am with yet another exciting (exciting because it is again related to women – Muslim Women) article. End of November had some really happening news worldwide, be it newspaper or magazine or the news channels, when 19 year old Haleema Aden Somali-American Muslim competed for the beauty pageant Miss Minnesota – USA.


Haleema competed the pageant fully covered and wore a brukini for the swimsuit portion of the competition. At first she was a bit concerned of her looks, especially hijab and did not really know if she wanted to change or follow it. But then she realized that most of the girls wear the hijab and this is their reality which made her more proud to wear it. She wanted to change the conception of the world about Muslims and African Countries.

The nineteen year old did break the stereotype mentality of the world by representing herself in a beauty pageant as a first Hijabi. She made a wider space for the Muslim ladies and covered women by her action, the change which was actually required at this time.

Ms. Aden landed to the semi-finals in top 15, which is a great achievement for a Muslim girl amongst all the contestants. She ensured to change the definition of “Beauty”, which have always been fair and blue eyes, by majority of the people. This was the time to change the conception and idea of beauty as well as the covered women – Hijabi’s.


Covered women have been struggling since ages until today, and Haleema has put an effort in brining change. Being covered or hijabi, I personally think does not stop in any way being stylish, following the right fashion trends in the very modest way. Every woman has her own style which she carries. Not all celebrities, actresses and fashion icons end up revealing their bodies. I am personally a big fan of the two Royal Ladies, Queen Rania and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who are style icons and they have always amazed me with their style; modest, simple and yet elegant.

Haleem, as well wanted to put a stop or at least help the Muslim women to get a better space in the countries where covered women are not acceptable and let the world know they have their own space and are not at all different from other women of the society. They have the full liberty to enjoy their rights unlike the rest of the women.

It is yet a proud moment for the Muslim ladies that Ms. Aden stood amongst other beauties representing her style and Muslim women.  Small steps do matter in bringing a change and this step is surely appreciated by the entire Muslim women community. Let’s be another Haleema and help to bring a change and get our acceptance marked in the World.

I conclude here with the beautiful phrase by Marilyn Moore “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a Lady”.

This is all for now, until next…..

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Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)

Content Edited by: Navish Imran

PS: Photos are taken from Internet.






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    another superb blog!!

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    1. Fatma Ahmad says:

      Thank you Sonia….

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