Let’s be surrounder by Butterflies…

Haiya Glamys,

How are you all? Hoping doing pretty well- Inshallaah! Well today I am here to share my visit experience at one of the attractions in Dubai i.e. Butterfly Garden.

I happened to visit the Butterfly Garden with Ahyan, my nephews and my two sisters. As the weather is better here, so the Butterfly Garden has opened its door to the visitors from 3rd November 2016 which was initially opened in 2014 and is located next to the Miracle Garden in Barsha South 3, Dubai Land.


The Butterfly Garden is spread over 2,600 m² area with 9 custom designed domes (when we visited only 3 domes were operating) with thousands of different colourful butterflies flying above your head. After the Gate entrance, while we enter the dome areas there is a small coffee shop with nice seating area as well. After the coffee area we enter to the main hall or you can say the picture gallery area where there are different pictures made of the butterflies hanging on the walls. On the centre of the hall is the platform with all the information posted about the butterflies. There is a small photo booth/room where you can have pictures with the frames/props of butterflies. Just inside the photo room is a small room or museum where all kinds of caterpillars are kept where they turn into butterflies.

After leaving the photo room passing by the picture gallery there comes the dome which are interconnected. As soon as we enter the domes you will see the dome is beautifully decorated with flowers natural flowers though, plants similar to a small garden. There are manikins of different birds like flamingo, swan and ducks with coolers kept on various locations to keep the temperature of the area cooler for the butterflies, whereas for us it was a bit warmer unless we passed each cooler. Purifiers are as well kept in different places, with food like slices of orange, pineapple etc. for the butterflies to enjoy apart from sucking the nectar from the flowers. You will find butterflies flying over and some might come and sit on your hands, shoulders as well. You are not allowed to touch the butterflies and the caution is almost hanging every where to remind you as well.

In one of the dome there is a small pond where there are fishes just to give the realistic atmosphere to the butterflies. In each dome you will find one big cage covered with plants that has butterflies inside as well you can sit, look outside enjoy butterflies sitting on you as well. Each dome has guiders spread to guide your way and assist you. Each area or dome looks so fresh with greenery, chirping of birds, sunlight beaming from the windows of the tall walls and fresh flowers blossoming with their fragrance all around.

There are few photographers who click picture and then you can go and select and get it printed instantly on the mug, coffee jars, frames, key-chains, snowballs. There is a small shop as well which sells all items made of butterflies i.e. accessories like earing and bracelets, frames, magnets, decorations. The prices vary from 15 to 60 Dhs.

I thought my brave boy will enjoy with his nephews but all the three were scared of the butterflies flying above them. Ahyan did panic and started screaming seeing the butterflies coming over. I managed to keep him calm while talking to him and diverting his attention towards other things around.

Entrance Fee:

The entrance fee for adults and children above 5 years is AED. 50/- img_1347which I consider is a bit high considering the fact that if family with 5 to 6 members would like to come will have to pay for staying only for an hour or less around AED. 300/-. It’s open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and during weekend until 11pm.

Yet, a good experience, worth one visit. The only thing which disappointed me after the entrance fee was; the garden had no prayer area for the visitors and not all the domes were open for viewing at the point of time.

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Thank you for reading…

Until next,


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)


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