Every Rose has its Thorn!

Haiya Galmys,

While writing today’s write-up it actually took me a while to decide and start to write. As my heart wanted me to write but I was in doubt that my words might not do justice or such topic which might not be appreciated or liked. But that point of doubt was carried away when I realised Women is a Pride and my voice may add a drop into the ocean where many people or specifically ladies are working hard and struggling to spread the awareness.

Well I have been longing to write about it since my eyes caught the news “Woman who was gang raped takes to catwalk at Pakistan fashion week” on the MSN page on 3rd November. I immediately clicked the news and read the feature. I really felt good and happy after reading it.


The feature talked about Mukhtaran Mai who was gang raped in 2002, who did not keep quiet for the injustice she has suffered and raised her voice against the violence. The media played a vital role in getting her justice but the source-full resources laid her justice down and all the 14 men were released on appeal. Still she did not keep quiet and became the international advocate for the women and girls and spread awareness.  She founded the charity Mukhtar Mai Women Welfare Organization in her home town Meerwala to help support Pakistani women and girls rights and educate them. She has also won the North-South Prize from the Council of Europe in 2007 and before that in 2005 Glamour Magazine has named her “Women of the Year”. Many films have been made on her incident.


Mukhtar Mai walked the ramp at Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 in November for Rozina Malik. Wearing Rozina’s designed light-green outfit and covered her head with dupatta she proved if a woman has strong instinct nothing can stop her from conquering and facing the world. Her religious norms showed fashion is not just wearing trendiest clothes but also featuring your religious traits as well. She walked the ramp in front of many well know celebrities fearlessly but camera shy.  She quoted “ I ask my sisters not to lose hope in the face of injustice, as we will get justice one day”

Unlike Mai, many other gang raped and acid attack victims who face the world instead of attempting suicide and not caring what people would have to talk about. Similarly ladies who are divorced or widow, have full rights to lead their normal life. It is our so called civilized society where their acceptance is quiet indigestible. These ladies are seen as the unwanted realities of the society. The scenario should be the other way round. They should be accepted as the normal part of the society, as they have been the victim of the rape, acid attack, divorce or being widow.

If a woman refuses to agree to the men she is attacked in one of the above three different ways and blamed as well. Her respect and dignity is all gone if she gets stamped by any of above label. My question is why? Why the so called man of the society not held answerable on the act they commit? Why is the woman on every step to be blamed? And when she raises her voice against the violence and asks for justice her voice is been grounded in many ways either by threating her life, her family’s safety etc. some incidents in life occurs without our consents, we being woman have to be strong enough to face the world and make ourselves accepted the way Mai and many others have done. They have set examples to the women that being strong and facing the world in the wisest thing she can do to herself.

Women religiously (not only in Isam but any other religion) is respectable and must be treated with great respect. The way you want your mother, sister, wife and daughters to be treated a man must treat the other woman similarly the same way. In the twentieth century women has taken the majority of the places and proved her skills and abilities being a leader, housewife, signal mother or victim.

I had to speak my heart out through words and hope did full justice….

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Thank you for reading,

Until next time…



Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)


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