Maybelline Masterclass with Manal El Hage

Haiya Glamys,

Here I am with another blog for you to read get some tips and enjoy it as well.

By now you would definitely know how mad I am about make-up, why I write it, you will learn it after continuing reading below. I was tagged by my Armenian friend, (yes the same who invited me to the Ararat Restaurant) on Instagram post by Manal_elhage for free makeup consultation with her at Sahara Mall on 7th and 8th October. When it comes to makeup and as well learning it just freaks me out and urges me to go for it. So we decided to go together for the session (although my friend is a certified makeup artist from different international institutes). Anyhow, as Manal was her teacher she wanted to join. 

We coordinated the time on 8th October to meet at the Maybelline kiosk where Manal will be present. Before I reach, she already met Manal chit chated with her and on top of that my anonymous introduction was already given and she is gone for some shopping. I reach the kiosk and look for my friend and inquire the sales lady if someone was here, Manal comes and ask if I am famyglamy (hahahha). This is how the ice breaks and we speak where she talks about my skin care and I asked her some questions related to makeup. Then my friend pops in. At the kiosk I was informed, on 29th October Manal has a Masterclass and if I wish to attend I make a purchase of AED. 150/- and get the masterclass ticket. So I bought few items after consultation from Manal and got my hands on the Masterclass ticket.

Manal El Hage is the beauty expert, who earned her Law degree in Beirut. Her passion for beauty moved her to the aesthetic world; she also has Master’s Degree in Medical Aesthetic from Beirut and TTT (Training the Trainer) from Paris. She has worked with brands like Makeup Forever Academy, Esmod French Fashion University, Rimmel London, Sephora, Maybelline New York, Laura Mercia. She also creates on screen looks for The Voice on MBC and Anti Ajmal on Dubai TV and The Beauty Consultant for Citruss TV among others. Beautician at Dr. Kayle Asthetic Clinic and Brand Ambassador and Regional Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York.

Maybelline Master Class by Manal El Hage was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel – DIFC from 1pm to 5pm on 29th October 2016. The registrations were done before the class starts and goodie bags were handed to us at the same time. Refreshments were available before we start the class.

The Class started at around 2pm, the crowd was pretty good, the room was occupied by almost 16 ladies. Manal introduced herself as well what she was going to teach in her session. Her main focus was on day to day skin care routine and daily wearable makeup look.


She started with the daily skin care and emphasized its importantance before doing anything to the face. She mentioned how important is to wear the spf sunscreen and must be used daily religiously no matter we stay at home or exposed to the sun. She showed us the correct way of applying moisturiser and mentioned primer should not be missed any time before applying BB cream or foundation but on the required areas. As it is a shield between the skin and makeup. She guided us on how to choose the perfect match of foundation for the skin tones by checking the colour on the jawline instead of the wrist or hand. Also, the foundation should be the same color as our neck or one shade lighter, which can be matched by applying a one shade dark powder on the top.

She said not everything we see on others should be adapted. Based on the requirement of the face makeup products should be used. Concealer application was shown, concealer must be one to two shades lighter than the foundation color and applied in triangular shape under the eyes, inner corners and on the bridge on the nose and forehead. Concealers are used to enhance the feature so must be carefully applied.  For dark toned skin use the orange color concealer. Orange color concealer is good to hide dark spots on the face but used carefully and in small quantity. Green color concealers are good to hide blemishes or redness on the skin. Setting the foundation and concealer with a setting powder is important, you do not want your face to be oily or the foundation to fade away from the face after some time.

Great tips and tricks were shared on contouring and highlighting. Anything we would like to hide on our face should be contoured with the dark color and any feature of the face to draw the attention must be highlighted. She explained the concept on different faces picking from the crowd. It was mentioned hijabi girls should not contour the jawline as long the hijab is to be removed. This step can be avoided for hijabis. Cream contour and highlighter must be covered and set with a powder product as well.


The most awaited part for me in the session was the eyebrow grooming or framing. I always mess with my brows as I do not pluck or clean. Where she made the concept clear, it does not matter if someone do not clean them. It can always be outlined and shaped using the brow products. Baby hair should not be considered while shaping and can be ignored as they get lightened with the concealer. Brows hair to be brushed in upper direction and lined in the same direction of the hair, giving more space for the eyeshadows on the eyes.

Eyeshadow application and the key to nice and smooth shadow packed on eyes is blending, blending and blending with proper brushes most importantly. She mentioned easy way to remember is big brushes for big areas of the face and small brushes for the smaller areas of the face.

The best tip of the session apart from everything was how to apply the eyeliner and winged liner. Taking small strokes instead of one straight line starting from inner corner of the eyes and moving outwards and then drawing a vertical line at the end of the eye and stretching the line from outer corner towards the vertical line joining them and filling the gaps make a perfect wing. Also she mentioned always holding the brush or pencil in adjacent direction which gives nice dimension to the line.


Lining the lips before applying the lipstick is important and filling the lips with pencil and then adding lipstick helps in staying longer and give the lips more fuller look and shape.  While applying the foundation /concealer let the lips also be tainted by the products that helps in good coverage on the lips.


Final verdict: Manal is very down to earth and highly knowledgeable professional with vast experience and techniques. She ensured to pass on the maximum and effective information and awareness on products, techniques to all. I was very impressed the way she delivered to the entire audience and answered everyones concerns. It was a beneficial master class. I am happy I ended up attending it with my sister and friend.

For any questions and queries write to me on and do follow me on Instagram  for daily posts.

Until next….


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)


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