Who I am and Why I’m Here!

Haiya Glamys,

I know, I know, I have already written about myself in Knowing Me, but thought to interact more and write little more about Who I am and Why I am here.

Let’s Start…

As you all know by now, my name is Fatma Ahamd, Pakistani, born and brought up in one of the beautiful cities of the world, Dubai. December born and a Capricorn. Mother of 3 year old boy now.

My Smile is my trademark, and most of the time I get complimented for it. I was even awarded Miss Smile in my High School. Being a Hijabi I am very moderate at living my life in my very own way. I am a makeup junkie and a self-learner. I do not have any professional makeup certification, but I love applying makeup, getting dressed up and a shopaholic as well – that’s what girls are good at, rite?

Well, I always wanted to write about my experience and personal opinion after using the products, about fashion and styling, but was scared  with thoughts will I be accepted in the community? I used to tell myself, “Am I good at writing?” “Do I know well about products” Do I have good styling sense?”  “How much do I know about fashion?” And always kept on discussing it with my sisters and especially my mom – she is my all-time support! She always encouraged me and said to go ahead, but I always stopped myself just because I was  cautious and scared of the negativity. Then I used to look at different articles, posts, and used to say, I can do it!

One fine day I changed my personal Instagram from Umma7hyan to “famyglamy” and started posting pics about products and write few lines about it. I really did not know what platform to choose to write properly and looked for different sites, then got in to WordPress.

Here I am writing about, makeup, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and dining. I am still new to the blogging community and will always need the support and honest opinions from my readers to help me grow. I really feel good when people appreciate my work.

The products I use are all drug store and not usually high end (as I am self-sponsored). I also, style my own dress and at times design them as well. I want ladies from all walks of life to know about good and affordable products and moderate styling.

At this time I buy products by my own and review them, visit all the places spending my own money and I am not sponsored at all. But I would love to work with marketers to give reviews, also host giveaways at times. My main targets are next door girls who can be benefited.

I aim being renowned blogger one day and a valuable asset to the blogger community. I am working hard to achieve it and will need your support at all times…

You can always reach me on fatma.ahmada@outlook.com. Do not forget check my Instagram page www.instagram.com/famyglamy/ to see my daily posts..

So that’s all about it for now, until next…..


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)

P.S You might be thinking why do I always write Umm Ahyan under my name, Ahyan is my son and Umm is an Arabic word means mother, So its “Ahyan’s Mother” and I love to be called Umm Ahyan.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mrssaad10 says:

    Wish you all the best. Me to being a capticorn can say that they are very determined. I wish you all the very best for long journey ahead


  2. tam says:

    Will find you on instagram 🙂


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