Tasting the Taste Bud @Ararat Restaurant

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Here I am with another Restaurant review….. This time it’s the Armenian Restaurant – Ararat.


Ararat, is a foreign word which religiously means sacred or high land, whereas, in Eastern Turkey near Iran there is a mountain called Ararat which is snow-capped and dormant compound volcano.

Lately, I was invited by my Armenian colleague/friend to one of the Armenian Restaurant – Ararat, which is newly opened in Deira in the heart of the city at Fish Roundabout. Earlier, over ages this place was very famous due to Maktoum Hospital (by the way it’s the same hospital I was born at), which is now turned into  Wasl District, a nice local market and constructed in ancient building structure. My friend was organising an important event for her community and she tasted the food and was getting the catering services by them. So she insisted that we should try the food together and it was decided to have lunch on any of the weekday, as it is near to our work place. By the way it was my first time trying Armenian food.

I was coming to this area after ages, like seriously more than a decade, specifically to this street. I was simply amazed by looking at the area that has turned into a very beautiful air-conditioned shopping and dining place. Still most of the shops are yet to be rented out. I was a bit concerned about parking but was relieved to see ample basement parking.

The Restaurant is located on the upper level of the building and the view is simply amazing. In the afternoon its all bright with direct sunshine, and evening must be fully lighted. As soon as we took the stairs from the back we entered the corridor which faced towards the two way road and shops on the other end. They had a beautiful seating area outside, with nice bamboo furniture and great ethnic décor representing the Armenian culture. Inside seating area is decorated in old garden style with big bench and long tables, dimmed lights and music in the background.




As soon as we settled, we were offered warm towels to clean our hands. Pickle and salad was served instantly. We placed our order and in the mean time all the details of food was given to me by my friend and we had time to take photos, as I instantly decided writing restaurant review for my blog. The food that we, rather she ordered was a Salad and three main courses.

Cold Appetizer: Ararat Salad which included beef, eggplant, Bulgarian pepper, walnuts, garlic, parsley and mayonnaise.


Main Course: Khinkali, Armenian Dolma and Kiev Cutlet.

“Khinkali” is a dumpling made of twisted dough and stuffed with minced meat onions and spices and served with special yogurt. It is basically a Georgian originated dish but very popular in Armenia.


“Armenian Dolma” is stuffed vine leaves, but with vegetables like green, gold and red bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, onion, tomatoes and garlic served with garlic yogurt.


“Kiev Cutlet” is the Chicken and cheese croquettes basically, served with mashed potatoes.


For our drinks we had “Armenian Compote” Cherry (compote means fruit preserved or cooked in syrup), the drink tasted sweet sour and served chilled.

I must say the presentation of the food and table setup was simply WAWOOOOO. The food tasted pretty much like the Arabic cuisine, it is blanch as their food does not have heavy spices unlike our Asian food.


The food is quite filling and I was over stuffed but did not want to waste.

Their menu is very vast with variety in Salads, Soups, appetizers, hot dishes, barbeque platters, fish items, including the vegetarian dishes.

While we were about to leave we were offered the Eastern Coffee (complementary) from owner of the restaurant as my friend had finalised the booking for the event.

I was flattered by the tea pots and cup and the sweet dish “Bakhlava” with honey was cherry on the top.


I enjoyed every moment being their….

The price of the food is also economical. It’s a must visit restaurant, only if you can eat plain, spice free food.

Go check their page on facebook; www.facebook.com/ararat.dubai/

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Until next…..



Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)


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  1. sobia saad says:

    the interior of the restaurant is detailed one.. food looks so tempting


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