Vanity Planet – Spin for Perfect Skin

Haiya Glamys!

As you step into your thirties you definitely look for products that help you look younger, remove your aging signs or if not remove at least help you reduce them. Your total regime changes accordingly.

How many of you are using the cleaning device to cleanse your face and body and how often?

I have got my hands on the “Spin for Perfect Skin” from Vanity Planet ( I got it after I saw a Youtuber Annam Ahmad, (who I follow her) reviewed about the product. Since long I wanted to get my hands on the cleansing device that too of Clarisonic, was just reluctant due to my skin sensitivity (although I know there is nothing to worry about when comes to clarisonic). Still I did not want to invest in something and I would not use it later on. So I thought of getting this Spin for Perfect Skin device and ordered it online at their website. I know I have got the device a bit too late, but it is never too late to experiment and adhere to something new.


About Vanity Planet:

Vanity Planet is a market place, focusing on beauty, grooming and wellness. They are more than a typical online store. At Vanity they source, curate and design products that benefit life on daily basis. Their approach is simple i.e. amazing taste with minimal investment. At Vanity they have face, bath and body, smile, hair and health products.

About Spin for Perfect Skin:

The spin Perfect Skin comes in a beautiful blue colour packaging which includes:

  • Handel with detachables i.e.;
  • Cleansing Brush
  • Exfoliating Brush
  • Pumice Stone
  • Full Size Body Brush


Promise of the product:

A comprehensive beauty routine is essential for radiant skin. The Spin for Perfect Skin Face & Body Cleansing Brush is a simple tool designed to help skin look fresh and flawless. A powerful and safe rotary action gently spins the head of the device to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and lift dirt and oil trapped in pores. It is suitable for all skin type.

The way I use it:

When I first got the product about 6 months ago, my skin was severely disturbed and irritated. It had severe dry patches, itching and I was undergoing some treatments. So I tried to test the device by using the face cleansing brush, which irritated my skin more. Frankly, my dermatologist earlier had asked me to avoid using anything even the face wash on my face, but I still used the Spin Perfect Skin device. Which absolutely was not a good idea at all! Hence, since then I did not go back to using the face brushes until last month. Although, I did start using the body brush and pumice, and I have been using these two attachments over 6 months now.  So I shall start with the Full body brush and Pumice Stone and then come to the face cleansing and exfoliating brushes….

Handle: The device is battery powered (4 AA Batteries), single-speed spin and water resistant so use it fearlessly in your shower.  The handle is handy and light weight as well. It comes in 6 beautiful colours Lavender, Strawberry Ice, Midnight Black, Frosted Blue, Lucite Green and Sandstone. I got mine in lavender colour.

The Body Brush: It is made of nylon and is a larger brush then the other two face brushes. I use it weakly in my shower, what I do is I first rub the scrub on my body and then use the body brush adding shower gel on it and moving it in small circular motions. In this way the brush helps in exfoliating and cleansing my full body. The brush is moderately big and helps moving around the body, the arms, legs and upper part of the body easily. It is not harsh on the body and I like it, as some of you like to use hard loofahs for cleansing. I rather prefer soft loofahs and gently rubbing it over the body. You have to be careful while using it as at times it slows down the speed of spinning as well the brush falls off the handle. So I gently hold it tighter on the area of the body part where I am moving the brush.vp-fbb

Pumice Stone: It is designed to exfoliate the hard and cracked skin on the heels. The stone is not hard at all to the crack heels, it simply smoothens the area without removing the hard skin. I use it after I have scrubbed my feet and rubbed with a foot filer to smoothen the heels. As I have dead skin on my heel and I like to use a bit harder filer to clear the feet. This stone is a bit too gentle for the heels area.  And it should NOT be used in any other areas of the body.


Daily Cleansing Facial Brush: This brush is made of extreme-soft nylon bristles which helps in removing the dirt and dead skin. I have lately started using the cleansing brush, as I apply makeup every day even though it is minimal but still it is there. So I thought of it a try. I wipe of my make up with micellar water at times and time with Almond, Olive or Coconut Oil on some days. After wiping of the makeup I rinse my face with water to remove any extra left over and then use the cleansing brush with my Cetaphil Cleanser. It removes off all the dirt, makeup leftovers even the dead dry skin. I use it gently on the face and my neck area in circular motions. In this way the brush lifts the dirt from the face leaving it smooth and even. I have been using this daily on a regular basis only at night and quite happy with the radiant glow it gives to my skin. After cleansing I use only rose water as toner.


Exfoliating Facial Brush: The bristles of this are slightly hard then the cleansing brush but not too hard. I use the exfoliating brush ones in a week with my Neutrogena daily facial scrub. It has granules which helps the brush to exfoliate the skin well. It works in similar manner I paste the cleansing scrub on the brush and then gently move it on the face and neck in circular motion. Removes the dead skin and give an immediate clearer and glowing skin. My skin feels fresh and healthy.


Price: Sells for $100 without any discount code. I have used Annam’s discount code and got 70% off, so it costed me $30 plus shipping charges (almost AED. 110/- + shipping).

They still have the 70% discount on the product; grab it until too late from or follow the link

What I Like:

  • Affordable
  • Handy and light weight
  • Great for daily Cleansing and exfoliating
  • Has 4 different attachments with different usage

What I Did not Like:

  • Battery powered
  • There is no grip on the Body Brush and falls off.
  • Pumice stone too gentle for heels.

Cleaning & Storage: I clean the brushes thoroughly with water immediately I have used them and store in the same box that it came in.

Final Verdict:

I really enjoy using this Spin for Perfect Skin and love how it has become the essential part of my daily skin care routine. Definitely recommend to anyone. Glowing and beautiful skin is a dream of every woman. Taking care of it with the best of products is essential.

If you have any comments or anything you like to discuss or suggest beauty related  you are always more than welcome to drop me an email on Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram

Thanks for reading!

Until next time….


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)





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  1. sobia saad says:

    wow…great review..
    I also use olay but ive only soft tone brush. and I use once a week only as beautician says we need to give our skin time for rejuvenation


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