Vaseline – The Wonder Jelly!

Hiya Glamy’s!

Talking about Vaseline Petroleum Jelly  will be nothing new to you all; this little jar is definitely a hit and super famous since decades, rite?


For me this little jar is most important when I talk about my foot care, and then in many ways, So let’s start….

Being a working woman, professionally it is mandatory to be in high heels throughout the week and my feet really get tired and dry. I even used to have cracked heels and severe dryness; therefore I preferred wearing close shoes to cover my feet. Though, I am a big fan of open shoes, sandals or flats and the list goes on…….


I was in constant search of tips and tricks to get rid of the cracked heels and dryness for which I did used different device, variety of foot creams, moisturizer but no effective results. At the end I used to land to the nearest saloon for foot spa or pedicures. But this was not a lasting solution.

Then I discovered, this little jar of Vaseline Petroleum jelly can do wonders. This product is a must in our home or almost in every home. From childhood I used to see my uncle and mum applying it on their hands and feet but only during winters to keep them moisturized. So finally, I thought of giving it a try, after a lot of reading and research.

Vaseline petroleum jelly consists of natural waxes and mineral oils which together locks the moisture to the skin. Did you know Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was called the “Wonder Jelly’ initially (1859)? Later in 1872 rebranded to Vaseline, which is the combination of German & Greek words “Wasser” and “Oleon” (respectively), wasser meaning water and Oleon meaning lemon.

Petroleum jelly is incredibly multipurpose, and used all over the world to protect and heal dry skin, from dry, cracked hands to hard skin on heels, as well as for beauty purposes, like softening the lips or highlighting the cheekbones!

Vaseline and its Wonders:

  • Before going to bed, I make sure my feet are clean I take a generous amount of Vaseline rub it on my feet and put on my fuzzy cotton socks overnight. Next morning wake up with soft heels the result is immediate. This has been my routine for past couple of years and I have also seen a visible change in my feet colour.
  • The perfect DIY scrub for the lips, having dry and chapped lips which I usually have just mixing sugar with Vaseline and rubbing it on my lips and I have the smooth lips.
  • To get the radiant sheen on a no makeup day, I use it as a natural highlighter by dabbing a tiny bit of it on my cheekbones.
  • I usually do my manicure at home and most of the time the nail paint comes over my cuticle, just before applying the paint I massage it on my hands not only it softens the cuticle but also avoids the paint to get on them.
  • The best trick to keep my perfume long lasting I apply a bit of Vaseline on my pulse points and the perfume last longer.
  • This works well as a brow gel too, need not to worry to get the best wax or brow gel just dab your spoolie brush in it and apply to your brows and they remain firm all day long…
  • If you color your own hair like I do, apply to your hairline to avoid staining your skin with dye.

Until next time….


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)






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