Skin79 Face Mask Watermelon girl

Hey Lovelies!!

Product Review #Skin79UAE Watermelon Girl mask for Dry skin.

Used this Korean brand face mask on Friday (received it in a giveaway by a fellow MUA Saba Hair and Makeup)

This is a fruit mask enriched with watermelon extracts along with avacado, banana, kiwi and mandarin orange fruits extract and water, glycerine and cator oil a few ingredients to list.  As on the product packaging it states “Moisturize and Soothes the skin” which it actually does!

I am not so fond of the market mask I prefer homemade mask frankly. I gave this mask a try and must say it is really a good product as it left my skin smooth and hydrated.

The product is very saturated. Also the scent is not overpowering, it had a very light fruity essence. The fit of the mask is also perfect, the mask sits perfectly on the face and the slits of the eyes, nose and mouth areas are on a perfect distance and size as well. The texture of the mask is very soft and cottony easy to apply and comfortable to wear and remove. It ddid not tear off while removing not even any effort was required to take it off. It gives a very cooling effect to the face.

How to use:

It is recommended to clean and tone the face and then apply the mask.

I toned my skin with rose water and then applied the mask and as mentioned left it for 15-20 mins. After alloted time remove the mask and let the product absorb in the skin gently. I left my skin unwashed and allowed the watery substance to absorb in my skin.

My skin felt fresh and the outcome of my makeup later was also great.

As I post this product review on my blog I must say I have not got any breakouts so far and the texture of my skin until today feels soft, smooth and silky. It has given a vibrant glow to my skin. It didnot irritate my skin as I have very sensetive skin. By far no side effects have been noticed like itching, redness, rashes not even any dry patches.

Thumbs up to this mask👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

#Skin79 UAE

Until next time….


Fatma Ahmad

(Umm Ahyan)



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