Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr…

Hey Lovelies,

So here is am with a post on how I celebrated my Eid with family and friends.

The celebrations began night before the Eid that is the Chaand Raat with the most important task and my most favourite part which is applying Mehndi (Henna). I love it how all the girls/ladies of the house are prepared after the last iftar and geared for putting mehndi on their hands. All the ladies just keeps discussing what designs to be selected and what is the recent trend and all this. Finally we reach the Saloon and there is the usual rush and every one waits for their turn. This takes 2-3 hours waiting and then applying.

This is what I had applied on my hands this eid… and I loved it!


Next comes the making of Sheer Khurma and I simply love making it. ( Luckily this time it turned out to be the yummiest ever). At night I make sure I prepare the sheer khurma and keep it ready for the Eid Day. Sheer Khurma is the vermicelli pudding to be specific with all the nuts added to it. As sheer khurma is served throughout the Eid day hence it is made in a large quantity keeping in mind the family and friends visiting. By the way this all allows a very little sleep on the Chaand Raat so I prefer taking shower and going to bed so in the morning I don’t have to rush.


On the Eid day all the family members after offering the Fajr prayer get ready to leave for the Eid prayer. Every one dresses up in their Eid outfit and all the girls have their beautiful ornaments, bangles matching their outfit usually on. Before leaving mum serves dates to every one and then we leave.


After offering the Eid prayer and listening to the Eid khutba we all great Eid wishes to each other and many other who we usually see during prayers. Some ladies start distributing Eidi to the little ones.

When we reach home the ladies just get started with their next duty of making breakfast, in my house we prefer making Cholay Batoray i.e. the chickpea gravy with the fried bread. The breakfast is served along with the sheek khurma.

Now the wait starts when all my sisters gather at mums place to celebrate the Eid. Usually they all are invited at Lunch. Variety of dishes are cooked and kept ready for lunch.

After all the sessions in the kitchen now its time for getting ready and looking glamorous and receive the guests… My Dress was from SanaSafinaz and sandals were from Borjan and the cup cake wore J. Kurta Sharwar and his Sandals were from Mother Care

All the sisters come in have lunch and then all the children of the house wait for the Eidi. Everyone has their own way of giving eidi in form of money, gift and chocolates….



The celebration continues, the gusts come and go and the day comes to an end….

This is how the little cup cake held his eidi envelopes and goddies….


Until next……







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