Chaand Raat & Eid Celebrations

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Hey Lovelies!

It’s been a while I have posted anything,  was a bit occupied with Ramadan and stuff.

Here I am with a new blog!  As we fast the last day of Ramadan and the blessed month comes to an end and the celebrations of Eid ul Fitr starts tonight. I just taught to share with you the tradition and trend of celebration of Chaand Raat and Eid days.

chaand raat

Chaand Raat is a time of celebration when families and friends gather in open areas at the end of the last day of Ramadan to spot the new moon, which signals the arrival of the Islamic month of Shawwal and the day of Eid. On this night the real preparations starts and especially for the ladies of the house. When they get ready for painting their hands with nice Henna art which is mandatory part of the celebration. Or it can be said that without henna the Eid celebrations does not began or can not be felt. Then comes the part where all the ladies also select the matching bangles, accessories with their outfits. They  go out for shopping to the night bazars and markets. Some might also be rushing to their tailors to collect their outfit while some had prepared and kept well in advance.




From recent past, celebration of Chaand Raat in Dubai is also trending, there are different events and exhibitions, night bazars organized especially during last nights of the Ramadan which continues until the Eid holidays. Few to mention are Ramadan Night Market at World Trade Centre, Ramadan Night Bazaar at Burjuman and Chaand Raat & Eid Mella at PAD and many more to list. The streets are enlighted and decked up with sweet stalls as well.



On the Eid day, the entire house prepares for Eid prayer, following the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) every one rise early take shower wear the best dress, wear perfume and leave for the prayer. He (PBUH) also emphasised women to go for Eid prayers as well and be a part of the congregation of Eid. He (PBUH) used to go to Prayer location using one route and returning from another route. Before leaving for prayers, the head of the family must pay out the Zakt-ul-fitr for each members of the house and it must be paid out before the Eid prayers or a day ahead. What is Zakt-ul-Firt? Every Muslim is required to pay Zakt-ul-Fitr at the conclusion of the month of Ramadan as a token of thankfulness to Almighty for having enabled him to observe fasts. Its purpose is to purify those who fast from any indecent act or speech and to help the poor and needy. It is also recommended to leave for prayers tasting sweet like dates. After the prayers every one extend Eid greetings in the mosque and while returning back.

prayers untitled.png

Eid day speciality is the Sheer Khurma! or the vercimelli pudding prepared by Muslims or  Asians on Eid day. That is why this eid is also know as Meethi Eid. Sheer Khorma is made in many different ways in every house but the main ingredients  milk, dried dates, nuts and sugar remains the same. (mouth is already watering while writing about sheer khurma). It is served throughout the day to all the guests visiting. The ladies of the house look so beautiful with colourful and fancy outfits, their henna coloured hands and bangles. This really gives a nice feel of the festivity. Special meals are made and served and relatives, family and friends keep visiting and extending Eid wishes.


The best part of the day is the Eidi which is given by the elders to the young one’s. It is a gift like money (often) or presents, chocolates or flowers given to the children by the all the elders of the family, relatives and friends.


Chaand Raat and Eid Mubarak to all!!



(Umm Ahyan)

p.s. all pictures are taken from internet. My captures will be posted separately.


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  1. Chaand raat and eid mubarik to you too. Don’t forget to check out my blog. Xxx


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