Garnier – BB Cream Skin Perfector & Eye Contour

Hey Lovelies!

While we are already in summer season hence for me it means minimum make-up!! During summers I like my skin with light or no make-up at all, some special occasions are exceptions. Hence, it means no foundation, no heavy base on my face.

The two products that are a must in my daily routine (through out the year not only during summers) are from Garnier i.e. the Garnier BB Cream  Miracle Skin Perfector Daily Moisturizer 5-in-1 and the Garnier BB Cream – Eye Contour .

Garnier Products

Lets talk about one product at a time and describe it. Firstly, Garnier BB cream is become my go to and an essential product. It’s consistency is very liquidy similar to any liquid foundation and is not thick like a cream. Very light but gives full coverage to the face. My skin is very dry and at times it becomes flaky when a product is applied, but with Garnier BB cream I have not seen my skin having flakes or even getting drier and even reduce the open pores. It does not create crease lines on the face. I apply the product by dotting it on my face and then spreading it evenly with my foundation brush, at time I also use a damp beauty blender depending on the need of the day. Frankly speaking not too much of the product is required for the full coverage and gives a good glow to the face. The face feels fresh all day long (at least for me from 7am to 7pm). I slightly buff it of with a face powder (by flormar) and I am good to go with  Kohal in my eyes (as now a days my Ramadan look)

Garnier BB Cream is oil free and it  1- Moisturizes 2- Anti-shine and mattifies non-stop  3- Reduces Pores & Imperfections 4- Unifies and boost healthy glow 5- UV protection – SPF 20. It comes in 2 shades Light, Medium and I am shade Medium perfect for my skin tone.  The tube has a nozzle so the product runs out easily (hence handle it carefully while using to avoid dropping it on your shirt).

Garnier BB cream

The next product is the Garnier BB Cream – Eye Contour Miracle Skin Perfector 5-in-1. It is a small roll-on tube. I use it under my eyes as a concealer. It brightens the eye area by giving a good coverage as it has an orange under tone which helps to cover the dark circles. I use a damp beauty blender to I do set it with a powder to avoid creasing of fine lines under the eye area. Lasts long if set with powder and works well with the Garnier BB cream. It is also a good form of moisturizer for the under eye. It comes in two shades Light and Medium and I am shade Light.

Garnier Eye Contor

Garnier BB Cream – Eye Contour reduces dark circles and bags, alleviates signs of fatigue, blurs fine lines, illuminates and is 24H moisture. which I completely agree!

Both the products are good for the every day uni or office look. Easily available on the isles of any leading super markets and pharmacies and with reasonable/affordable price.

Until next time…..



(Umm Ahyan)



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