Welcome Ramadan!!


Hello Lovelies…

It’s that Holy month of the Islamic calendar when the Muslims all around the world fast. Welcoming the Sultan of the months Ramadan. I wish every one a peaceful, blessed Ramadan.

Keep your lifestyle simple during the month. Have healthy Sahoor and Iftar. Drink loads of water, eat fresh fruits and eat in small portions. Avoid a lot of oily food and junks, snacks. I know, this is not quite possible but could be managed and controlled. Indulge yourself in prayers (which should be followed throughout the year and not only for this month), do charity as much as you can. Being a Muslim it is mandatory for us to pay Zakat, hence do not forget that part as well.  As people who are less then us deserve something from us.

Blessed Ramadan!

On this note, until next!



(Umm Ahyan)




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