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While I was out with my girls last Monday for a  girls night out and dinner with chit chat after work… We planned going to City Walk and explore some restaurant there. It was my first visit to City Walk by the way. I know, I know, how have I not been to this place earlier? (planned many times but it din’t work out). Well this is the fact, anyhow, I liked the walk very much as it has good options of restaurants, coffee shops and bistros, shops and outlets and with a pretty good parking space (may be it was week day that’s the reason)

We landed to Pei Wei Asian Dinner by P.F Chang’s which serves vibrant flavors inspired by Chines, Japanese, Korean, Thiland and Vietnam cuisines. The ambiance was quite good with nice wooden interior and dim lights, soft music.


The menu was put forward and we ordered 2 Sliders and a veggie spring roll plate along with the Fires with chilly sauce. The Slider platter has Black Pepper Chicken, Mongolian Beef Blazing Shrimp (any two to choose from) and Asian Street Fries (the fries were of sweet potatoes) and a sauce dip. The preparation did not take much long but for spring rolls and the food was served.IMG_8561.JPG

The food looked tempting and it was delicious…. both the sliders were equally tasty and even the fries (though they were a bit sweet, obviously they were made of sweet potatoes). The Black Pepper Chicken was delicious it seemed freshly ground black peppers were added and the chicken was also tender with the good marination. Mongolian Beef also tasted at its best  IThe slider stuffed us completely and it was a good option we opted for.



The spring plate came in late (hence could not get a chance to click) but they were also good, nice freshly ground spices added and good taste.

The overall experience turned out to be great! You wont regret being there and having the food…

until next time….



(Umm Ahyan)



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